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July 15 2013

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birds, boy, trouble

Image size: 400x312
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black, black and white, perspective

Image size: 500x333
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text, textography, life

Image size: 500x689
7588 9557
fail, funny, humorous

Image size: 497x750

July 14 2013

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music, photography, parachute

Image size: 418x617
4453 f289
expecto patronum, harry potter, quotes

Image size: 500x500
4455 9c02
life, love, text

Image size: 500x400
4459 7c87
life, text, textography

Image size: 497x266
4461 eca2
life, me, quotes

Image size: 500x500
3742 1d75
sheila wend, editorial design, this is not a magazine

Image size: 398x686

July 12 2013

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marilyn monroe, quote, typography

Image size: 500x651
4943 bf98
life, quote, typography

Image size: 483x750
4945 7286
bible, christianity, isaiah

Image size: 500x530
4946 c2d9
arguing, idiot, quote

Image size: 500x310
4948 1184
life, quote, typography

Image size: 500x396
4949 e735
quote, typography, william shakespeare

Image size: 500x411
4950 6be5
god, quote, religion

Image size: 500x630
4952 76d4
life, life quoe, louis b smedes

Image size: 600x480
4954 8898
beauty, quotes, typography

Image size: 500x343
4956 54d0
life, quotes, typography

Image size: 500x677
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